Namcan Seaproducts Import Export Joint Stock Company

Import Export Joint Stock Company was established Fisheries In accordance with established company license No. 258-GP / UB dated 25/11/1992 of the PPC Minh Hai; Certificate of business registration No. 1993, the Company converted the active form of joint ventures 03 models to the type of company shares. Joint stock company. Nam Can Seafood Import-Export is a public company since day 07.03.2008




Price of shrimp shrinkage is going strong?

The shrimp industry is facing many difficulties, especially the price of white shrimp has been declining strongly, especially from early May to now, but will prosper in the future?

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Shrimp prices plummet: what solutions for farmers and exporters?

These days, the Mekong Delta is plagued by the price of commercial shrimp every day. There are a number of reasons given for shrinking shrimp prices, but this is just a point of time discount and the downward trend of the world. As the output of the bulk of the increase, the importer wants to squeeze prices and wait for prices to fall. To maintain supply and adapt to the market, farmers should not abandon ponds, calm the stocking with less density, prolong the breeding time, wait until shrimp prices recover.

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Australia is the largest shrimp import market of Vietnam

In the first two months, shrimp exports to Australia grew at the highest rate of 76.2% to $ 16.6 million.

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